Reaching out to our communities one life at a time.

The main Activities of our community influence are focused on the following areas:
Developing young and pro-active leaders to assist the needy through practical demonstrations of kindness. The area of focus is the homeless, the hungry; especially the younger generation. This has been accomplished by partnering with other organizations, such as PATH (homeless men & women shelter in the Downtown Los Angeles Area) and My First Place (homeless youth shelter in the Downtown Los Angeles Area). 
Every first saturday of the month (since June 2008), we have sent a team of young adults and children, to reach out to the hungry and homeless in the downtown areas. Since we began this program, we have served over 5,000 meals (approximately $10,000 of food) , and provided clothing (approximately $7,000 of clothing), and counting.  
The funding for our programs have come from individuals, and some families have contributed home-made dishes, and groceries.
In the midst of the current economy, we will continue to serve as many individuals and families as we possibly can. If you are interested in getting involved, please click on "Get Involved" tab and complete the form. You may also donate by clicking on "make a Donation". Thank you for your interest in our organization.